Hi Val,
Just wanted to tell you that Elizabeth and I played on her activity page today, and she loved it!  She also loved all the pictures :)  Thanks again. 


You are incredible!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe you did this already. This is so awesome. Dylan is going to have hours of fun on this page. You are the best...LOVE YOU
You are absolutely amazing... She will have years of fun with this. .... I can't wait until she gets home so I can play with her on it...  You are the best.

Hi Val,
I had the kids overnight and John loved the web site you made them.  I tried with Jason, but, he wasn't too interested.  I'll try with him again next time. Thanks so much.

Thanks for the site.  Iíll make sure to tell all of my friends. 

Ginnie Quiroga


My sister has compiled a terrific bunch of kids activities for our grand kids- and has a site you can send yours  to so they can have safe fun interactive playtimes- there's coloring there's maps, puzzles, you name it- she found it!

It's so nice for our children to have their own web page where they can come and see their pictures of their family. They like to come here and play games. It's a nice gift for anyone who has children. My son and daughter love their page.


I just went on the page and I saw it and I am going back on. It is so fun and thank you very much for doing that for me and my family.


Just a comment on your wonderful website for Native American studyThis has to be one of the best organized and presented sites that I have seen.  So easy to navigate and enjoyable.  A great challenge to young people I am sure.   I took the test for the four   OJIBWA words and I was lucky (some guessing based on Asiatic) to get  4 out of 4.  What a clever way for a web site to attract viewers.